Special Memory

Fiery five-year-old Emily is semi-cooperative when her mother announces the idea of making a SPECIAL MEMORY one summer morning. She doesn’t want to get used to getting up early for kindergarten. Despite herself, Emily finds dancing in the warm rain with her older sister and mother while wearing pajamas fun until the storm changes. Emily’s mother then pulls her daughters indoors and teaches them how special memories make a difference in our lives. Emily doesn’t think a SPECIAL MEMORY will help in kindergarten until her first day when she remembers sticky wet pajamas and hair, along with warm mud squishing between her toes.


Picture book

Release Date:  September 15th, 2019

Adryelle Villamizar, illustrator   https://adryellevillamizar.wixsite.com/artofadry

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ISBN# 978-1-64467-925-8

$10.95 USA and $14.95 Canada

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Special Memory is a modest story about helping an apprehensive child overcome her worry. It sounds easy enough. Create a special memory to help balance the fear. This tender story confidently illustrates the notion in a way that will be heartening to both child and adult. Parents will thank Christina Francine for her accessible gift of wisdom, which hides a transformative life skill in its gentle pages.
— Nina Fosati, Literary author and editor

Young readers learn two lessons in this charming story (Special Memory). One, special memories can be deliberately created; and two, memories are great tools for offsetting fears and anxieties. And as a bonus, there is an activity guide at the back of the book that explores the themes therein, and, since the particular memory in the story is weather related, it also includes a great introduction to some climate essentials.
—Joan Schweighardt is the author of the children’s book No Time for Zebras, as well as      several novels.

Play with toys and watch cartoons, or go to kindergarten?  Little Emily would much rather sleep late, stay home, and play all day!  But what is it about thunderstorms and nightmares that would change her mind and make her happy to go to school?  When Mama takes the girls on an unexpected outside adventure, Emily and her sister Becky learn the importance of taking time out to create memories.  Memories can create smiles, even on the first day of kindergarten.
—Maureen Lindstrom, E. H. Butler Library, Buffalo State College

Mr. Inker, the Talking Pen Finds a Home

                                                           — Book One of Mr. Inker series

A Waldorf Reader, Level # 3

Release Date:  Early 2020

Waldorf Publishing

2140 Hall Johnson Road 102-345, Grapevine, Texas 76051


Phone:  (972)674-3131

The Pen is Mighty

—Ben Franklinhandpen

“So, what do you do, Christina?”

“I write and teach. These come down to two things: love and voice enabling.”

“Why these?”

“Because there is a lot of negative out there that wants to silence, oppress, and control. Writing and reading (literacy) gives voice, a say, which lead to freedom.”

* * *

Every day, I inspire invention and teach communication skills to ages pre-k to adult.

As an educator at both elementary schools and colleges in Buffalo, New York, I manage the education flow of information for two elementary schools, two colleges, and a variety of private hires. With a focus on writing, reading, and presentation skills, my job ensures conquering English Language Arts, the Common Core, and communication abilities for higher education and for employment with a large emphasis on writing. My lesson plans stay updated, are styled specifically for students’ ages and unique situation. My style is encouragement of individual articulation and invention and combines play with sobriety while meeting standards.

Keeping our freedom for individuals and our country is serious business and being able to read and write sanction independence.  Ironically, play nurtures invention and yields vision and voice, which then hold fast those who seek to blind and gag. When this happens, I know I have done my job.



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