Creative Minds are Rarely Tidy


When up to my neck in real work, like writing or planning for a writing class, I’m messy. At times I look up and notice papers; books; calendar; and various pens, markers, and pencils covering the whole table. It is here I have to remind myself creative minds are rarely tidy.

Anyone else find this happen when really in the creative/work mode? Do you feel guilty, or do you have to remind yourself mess comes with true creativity/work?

One thought on “Creative Minds are Rarely Tidy

  1. Between teaching academic writing and working on my own creative writing, my desk is full of papers and books. I realize this may seem chaotic to others, but not to me. This “chaos” is organized work. The reality is there is much I’m working on and each takes time. Teaching others well and also creating means delving deep and being patient. It means slowing down to exam niggling details.


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