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Christina Francine Kennison has two daughters, is an enthusiastic NY State certified teacher who also teaches English and writing at the college level. She has presented at Carroll & Sons Art Gallery in Boston about both writing book analyses. She’s also judged work for authors and publishers. Publishing credits include creative and academic. The Spring 2016 issue of Journal of Literary Innovation published her analysis on why students across the nation are at Basic level as opposed to Proficient or Advanced, after examining the Nation’s Report Card. The work argues writing is not where it could be nationally for a few reasons, the largest being a prompt for a right formula/answer as opposed to following individual voice. She believes individual learning style can solve world problems. She is a member of Buffalo-Niagara Children’s Writers & Illustrators (BNCWI) and of the Hamburg Writer’s Group. Her Bachelor degree is from Castleton University and her Master degree is from Fredonia State.


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TeachingPamph – Copy


Work as a Teacher


– Buffalo State College, New York, Presently teach classes (English Studies, Writing, Reading)

– Erie Community College, New York, taught classes Aug. 2015 to Dec. 2017(English Studies, Writing, Reading)

– West Seneca Central School, New York, Presently substitute teach (Grades K-12)

– Hamburg Central School, New York, Presently substitute teach (Grades K-12)

– Gowanda Central School, New York, substitute taught 2010- 2014 (Grades K-12)

– Forestville Central School, New York, substitute taught 2010-2014 (Grades K-12)

– Granville Central School, New York, substitute taught 2009-2011 (Grades K-12)

Intern/Student Teacher

– Granville Central School, New York, Student Teaching, Fall 2009

– Salem Central School, New York, Reading Teacher practicum, Spring 2006

Work as a Writer/Review Coordinator/Reviewer


– Freelance writer & editor, authored and published various fiction, non-fiction, book-reviews, recipes, trivia, and poems, 1995-Present

– Fjord Reviews, staff book reviewer, 2012-2013

– Drollerie Press, staff reviews and interviews coordinator, 2008-2010


– Leapfrog Press, Fredonia, New York: worked learning marketing, editing, newsletter, Spring 2013

– Drollerie Press, online fantasy press: worked learning editing, coordinating reviews and interviews for DP authors, Spring 2008


“I appreciated her ability to work with varied personalities.  Most particularly, I appreciated her ability to not only direction, but to out-perform my expectations of her in every area.    In all her interactions, she was a credit to the company.   She has been indefatigable in completing all of the duties.”   —Publisher

“I have not seen a more well prepared and professional student-teacher.  She truly knows the students she works with as individuals and cares about them in a personal and understanding way while still maintaining the professional distance that is often lacking in inexperienced teachers.”   —6th Grade Teacher/Track & Field Coach

“She brings an excellent work ethic with her, always willing to pitch in and keep things moving.  A model of professionalism and courtesy.”   —Access Services Librarian

“The level of maturity was raised because of Christina’s high expectations in academic and social skills.” (On teaching 6th grade Egypt unit)  —Professor of Education

“Ms. Kennison creates a warm and caring classroom atmosphere.  She used questioning techniques to help the students process the learning and examine their own understanding.”   —Principal

“She has been a positive addition to our school.  She has made a concerted effort to change a program and transformed the Library to be supportive of our study skills curriculum.  I am quite pleased with the direction in which Ms. Kennison has taken the Library program.”  —Principal

“Christina is a passionate educator, gifted and author and dedicated professional.  She will not only teach the skills necessary for students in the 21st century, she will model those skills for her students.  Christina’s experiences in numerous positions and settings have broadened her understanding of schools and the educational system.  When her students ask, ‘will we ever use this?”’ she will have answers.” —Professor of Education

“Research finds you consistently pump out work.” —Journal Editor, Author

“I would recommend her highly to any company needing writing, reviewing or interviewing support.   —Editor, Publicist, Publishing

“I am very pleased to work with Christina. She works tirelessly to provide public relations opportunities to our authors and for the company. She is always professional, courteous, and friendly. One of the things I most appreciate about Chris is that she responds quickly. In a telecommuting situation where the people you rely on must be reached by telephone or email, it’s sometimes difficult to get a timely response. That has never been a problem with Chris.”  —Publisher

“Her supervisor was very complimentary of Chris’s ability to be an almost entirely self-directed colleague.”  —Professor of English/Writing

“I appreciated her ability to work with varied personalities.  Most particularly, I appreciated her ability to not only take direction, but to out-perform my expectations of her in every area.”   —Publisher