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SPECIAL MEMORY  (picture book)


Waldorf Publishing

ISBN # 978-1-64467-925-8

Release Date:  September 15th, 2019

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MR. INKER, THE TALKING PEN FINDS A HOME, Book One of Mr. Inker series           (Reader, Level #3)

Waldorf Publishing www.waldorfpublishing.com

Release Date:  January 2020

Mr. Inker the Talking Pen, Book # 1 is a Waldorf Reader Step # 3 book about a talking pen who helps an immigrant boy named Rafiq who misses his friends from Pakistan. It is not easy being an immigrant in America, especially when others make fun of his name. Rafiq knows he is safer in “the land of the free,” yet is homesick. When he receives a fancy pen for his birthday, he discovers his new best friend, Mr. Inker, the talking pen. Sometimes Mr. Inker is too proud and his jokes corny, and he can be a stinker. He helps Rafiq with English words though, and makes him laugh. He even finds a way to connect Rafiq with his old friends through traditional letter writing. This Step 3 Waldorf Reader is perfect for boys and girls ages 5-8!

Be sure to watch for more books about Mr. Inker who is sometimes a stinker. Fun pages at the back make Mr. Inker the Talking Pen a great way to learn.


Academic Thesis


“Students’ Writing Can Be Better: Encouragement and Time to Pursue Self Leads to Engagement and Better Writing, Resulting in Possible Increased Writing Levels Nationally”

(A peer-reviewed academic article)JournLitInnCov

Author: Christina Kennison (Francine)

Published by: Journal of Literacy Innovation – Rethinking Literacy Instruction

Volume One, Issue One, Spring 2016

Sean Ruday, Editor

The Journal of Literacy Innovation is a peer-reviewed journal that seeks to share ideas about innovative practices in literacy education with K-12 teachers and college-level teacher educators. Our focus is on innovative, practical ideas that offer new insights to the field of literacy instruction and can be applied to the classroom.

“JLI’s inaugural issue concludes with Christina Kennison’s excellent article, “Students’ Writing Can Be Better: Encouragement and Time to Pursue Self Leads to Engagement and Better Writing, Resulting in Possible Increased Writing Levels Nationally.” This piece skillfully combines “big-picture” data insights about American students’ writing development (as well as the long-term implications of their writing struggles) with specific activities teachers can use to help students enhance their writing skills in authentic ways.”  —Sean Ruday


* I’ve been reviewing and publishing reviews and cover-copy (blurbs that go either on the inside front page or back cover) for authors and publishers since 1997 to the present. To date, I’ve published over 250 reviews and about 5 blurbs. Learn more about these on my book-review page.


Newspaper Children’s Column


“Bubbles for Children”

(A newspaper column for children)

Author: Christina Francine (Kennison)

Illustrator:  Alyssa R. Whitcher

Main Street News, 2006

Column topics included:

  • “Bubbles & Balloons Fun and Facts”
  • “What Are Hot-Dogs Made of”
  • “Kids Craft: Why Do Flower Petals Open?
  • “Fun Weather Forecasting and Facts” included a craft
  • “Ten Reasons Horses are Good for Children” (horse club later asked for permission to use this article in their newsletter)
  • “One of the Best Gifts Ever—Friends”
  • “What do You Want to Do When You Grow Up?”

Appeared in


Listed in: Francine Silverman’s Book Marketing from A-Z  as a reviewer in her “Reviewers” chapter.BkCovBkMarkA-Z

Infinity Publishing, Copyright 2005

ISBN# 0-7414-2431-2

Published Article


“Two Daughters: One Veg, One Not…How This Family Does It”

(profile article)

Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

Publisher published two magazines and put my article in both:

“Vegetarian Baby and Child” June 2003

“Vegetarian Teen” June 2003

An article that profiled how a family dealt with one daughter who was a vegetarian and with one who wasn’t. Both daughters share their thoughts on theirs and their sister’s choice. The mother too includes how the family manages, especially in the kitchen and when dining out.

Published Information Article


“Fabulous, Feathery Fennel”

(herbal profile)

Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

“The Chamomile Times” July 2001

Published Information Article


“Is Your Pizza Poisoned?”

(information article)

Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

Botanical.com” March 2000

An information article on genetically modified foods.

Published Information Article


“Hoof Growth Explained”

(information article)

Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

“HorseCity.com” Oct. 2000

An article with sketches explaining the growth of a horse’s hoof. Information on outside and with the bottom.

Published Information Article


“How to Help Your Horse Have Healthy Hooves”

(informative interview with farrier, Steve Raub that also featured tips)

Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

HorseCity.com” Oct. 2000

Published Information Article


“What is a Thoroughbred Horse?”


Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

HorseCity.com” July 2000

Published Information Article


“Tampon Safety & The Rumor/Claim”

(investigative article)

Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

Botanical.com” April 2000

Published Herbal Tea


“Peppermint, Yarrow and Elder-flower Tea”

(herbal drink recipe)

Botanical.com” Feb. 2000

Published Herbal Tea


“Sage Gargle”

(herbal recipe)

Botanical.com” March 2000

Poem set to music, recorded, and professionally performed (sung) onstage


“Little One”

(poem set to music, recorded, and sung in performance)

Poem Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

“Ethos Shadows” college performance, SUNY Fredonia’s King Concert Hall, April 8, 1997

Published Profile Article

“Mounted Police Certification Course”

(profile article)

Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

“HorseTrend Magazine, July/Aug. 1997

An article about the mounted police division in Chautauqua county NY

Published Information Article


“Travel With Your Horse Safely”


Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

“HorseTrend Magazine, May/June 1997

An article that featured information as to what type of truck, horse trailer, hitches & break-away cable & chains, is needed when pulling a horse trailer. Included tips to keep in mind with the traveling horses too.

Published Profile Article


“Abled at North Haven”

(profile article)

Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

“HorseTrend Magazine, April/May 1997

An article about a riding center for disabled children in Gowanda, NY

Published Trivia

“Horse Trivia”

(Trivia to Test Your Knowledge)

(activity – 15 questions with answers)

Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

“HorseTrend Magazine” Nov./Dec. 1996

Published Profile Article


“Zip, The Gentle Giant”

(horse profile article)

Author:  Christina Francine (Kennison)

“HOOF PRINT” (a production of “The Post Star” newspaper) Glens Falls, NY, Oct. 1995

Published Profile Article


“Gerry Rodeo is Family Fun”

(event article)

Author: Christina Francine (Kennison)

“HOOF PRINT” (a production of “The Post Star” newspaper) Glens Falls, NY, Nov. 1995