Library & School Visits, and More!

Live or Virtual

I would love to visit your school or library! There is much to share with young learners. Besides authoring work, I teach college level writing, tutor all ages, and am a Certified Elementary Teacher who has worked with children and teenagers for over 25 years.

~~~  Please contact me to discuss your needs. In the meantime, here are a guidelines  ~~~

Presentations usually run between 30-120 minutes. Longer is possible with planning.

I will tailor my visit to meet your needs, but here are a few of the typical things a visit might include:

  • Discussing Special Memories and the strength they give us.
  • Discussing the Four Main Types of Clouds and what they mean. Being your own weather forecaster.
  • Discussing how ideas develop into words and pictures, choosing words creatively and refining ideas.
  • Explaining her career and how she became an author/educator.
  • Question and answer session
  • Book signing session

Workshops, Presentations, & Other

  • Writer’s workshop.

          This workshop begins with my showing examples of my writing life and process, and how I create characters and plot. Then I help students create their own characters and begin to develop a story with a conflict and resolution. Younger students may be able to work on making a picture book dummy with words and pictures, and older students may begin a longer story. With all ages, Christina will give fun writing exercises to help generate ideas.

  • How A Writer Works  (good for older grades)In this presentation, Christina shares her personal story of why and how she became an author and an educator. She spends the first twenty minutes or so showing work from when she was young and talking about her desires and passions, comparing that to how it actually worked out. Christina will read excerpts from her picture books and her novels and discuss how many of the themes relate to her own life, even though the subjects may differ. There can be ample time for questions and answers if students have prepared by reading some of Christina’s work.


—-To book Christina Francine for a book festival, conference, expo., workshop, or school visit, contact her at and include your phone number. —-

* Fees are sometimes negotiable, depending on time and location.

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